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Problème avec LMS 3.2


Bonjour j'ai un problème avec le LMS 3.2. Le DCR Serveur ne démarre pas. Merci de votre aide

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Joel Monge
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please translate your posts to English:

"Hello I have a problem with the LMS 3.2. The DCR server will not start. Thank you for your help"

Make sure you comply with steps 1 through 3 of this document.  If the problem remains, post a full pdshow output from the server.

Martin Ermel

envoyer le résultat de commande pdshow

et envoyer aussi le dcr.log et le DCRServer.log

Est-ce que il y une application anti-virus installé sur le serveur? Si oui, alors arrête cette service et d'apres le LMS (net stop crmdmgtd) et lancer LMS de nouveau (net start crmdmgtd)

This is the files that you asked ma the last time.



My swap space is not enough. Is there another solution to get around this insufficiency?

You can manually assign a custom size of swap and increase it to 4GB, see:

This is a prerequisite for LMS 3.2 so it has to be set this way for proper functionality:

Hi Joel,

I increase my swap space to 5 Go but the problem remain the same.

  The problem is here:

[ Mon Dec 12 14:09:12 GMT 2011 ] Starting DCR Server...

log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed. C:\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\log\dcr.log (Accès refusé)

  Try the reset casuser procedure found on the link I sent you before at the end under "Common Issues". 

  • Stop daemons: net stop crmdmgtd.
  • Now go to NMSROOT\setup\support\, and type: resetCasuser.exe.
  • Choose a password that applies to your server password policies.
  • Start daemons: net start crmdmgtd.

  Also, it seems you are not using English locale.  Only English or Japanese locals are supported for LMS:

  I am suspecting as well possible corruption during the install, especially if you did not install with anti-virus off, DEP set correctly and with the local administrator account.  It would be in your best interest to re-install a US version of Windows if you have not following the proper steps.  If you installed a US version and changed the locale to French, you could just change the locale back to English assuming your installation is not corrupted.

It looks to me the casuser account is damaged.

If a policyserver is running in your windows domain make sure it leaves the server alone

Can you run the resetcasuser.exe utility to restore the rights. You find this file in  \CSCOpx\setup\support\

After that restart server and after 15 minutes take a screenshot of the services. I should look like this



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