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Problems seeing a device in Prime LAN

Level 1
Level 1

I have been going through the documentation for Prime LAN and havent been able to see what I am not doing right.

I can import/discover a device and get the message on the screen that 1 device has been found and imported into DCR.

I cant see the device anywhere in Cisco Prime.  To keep things simple, I have put a test device on the same subnet as the VM running Prime LAN.

I had used a version of Ciscoworks several years ago and didnt have this much problem getting it to work.

I have put in a simple snmp v2 ro community name.  In Dashboards, Device Status, I can see a 1 under Success in Device Discovery Status.  If I click on the 1, I do get a screen that shows me the device that it found.  That is the only place that I can see the device.

Suggestions ?

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

Simply adding a device manually or running a one time discovery will not automatically activate all of the server functions. You need to setup (or perform a one time job for) inventory collection, configuration archiving, topology data collection etc.

It's all in the admin guide etc. but a g good quick reference to those features and more is in the handy guide "LMS (not just) for Dummies" that Geert Cobeer put together.

Thanks for the document.  I must be missing something.  I deleted the device that Prime LAN had discovered and reran the discovery process.  I was able to rediscover the device.  It got a popup that I needed to run a device credential verification job.

That is where I run into the problem.  I can assign the credential set I want to be used on the router.  I am prompted to run a Device Credentials Verification job/process.  When I go to do that process, I cannot see the device that I have discovered to be able to run the job against to verify the credentials.

At this point, this is an isolated system.  I have the "test" router that it is initially talking to on the same subnet as the Prime LAN server is on, so that takes care of a router or firewall as being part of the problem.  I can ping from the router to Prime LAN and vice versa.

Suggestions ?