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Questions about temperature

Hi there.

I have some questions about temperature.

VS-SUP2T-10G Data sheet shows that Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

link :

and i checked catalyst 6513 in my site, and typed show env temperature


  module 7 outlet temperature: 46C

  module 7 inlet temperature: 28C

  module 7 device-1 temperature: 40C

  module 7 device-2 temperature: 41C

  module 7 asic-1 temperature: 68C

  module 7 asic-2 temperature: 47C

  module 7 asic-4 temperature: 64C

  module 7 asic-5 temperature: 54C

  module 7 asic-7 temperature: 54C

  module 7 asic-8 temperature: 70C

  module 7 RP outlet temperature: 43C

  module 7 RP inlet temperature: 38C

  module 7 RP device-1 temperature: 58C

  module 7 EARL outlet temperature: 43C

  module 7 EARL inlet temperature: 32C

  module 7 EARL device-1 temperature: 70C

  module 7 EARL device-2 temperature: 70C


I'm wondering which portion of temperature do i need to check ?

Datasheet says operating temperature is 0 to 40.

inlet temperature is 28.. looks fine.

outlet temperature: 46C looks fine

but what about asic temperature?? and RP, EARL ??

And here is one more question.

sh environment alarm thresholds module 7




  threshold #1 for module 7 asic-1 temperature:

    (sensor value >= 110C) is system minor alarm

  threshold #2 for module 7 asic-1 temperature:

    (sensor value >= 125C) is system major alarm



why system minor alram and major alarm are so high??

isn't operating 0 to 40°C???

please help me out I need your hlep.

Hall of Fame Guru

The inlet temperature is measuring the air coming onto (and going across) the supervisor. That's the one you can affect via the external environment.That number is the one referenced in the operating temperature specification.

The alarm threshold you cited are the on-chip temperature thresholds for asic-1. ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) generate hear as a byproduct of their operation. If air is flowing properly from the inlet, those thresholds should not be exceeded on those heat-generating components.

If for whatever reason the airflow isn't cooling the ASIC adequately, the alarm threshold will trigger generating a syslog message and, optionally, and SNMP trap.


Hi Marvin

On our NOC we use EMC Smarts to monitor some Cisco 6500 core switches.

The Smarts is able to read the high threshold for the temperature sensor of the various measure points, like ASIC, VTT, EARL inlet, EARL outlet, etc.

For some points it seems that Smarts get garbage values. I searched on the running config of the 6500 switch but could not find any the CLI configuration that sets this threshold alarm values. I searched on the docs but could not find any information about how this thresholds are set. Are them set using other config, like TCL? I am wondering if some test points does not have the proper threshold value configured.

Can you point me some docs about configure these thresholds?



As far as I know the threshold values are hard coded into the firmware and not configurable.

The MIB delivering an incorrect value might be a bug. For that issue I'd suggest opening a TAC case to validate that the data the system is returning is erroneous.

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