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Rack Layout

Hey Guys,


I Just wondered if there was any best practice on how a server rack should be laid out? 


This is with regards to supplier CPE, Layer 3 switches and access switches for end user connections... Is there any specific way this should be laid out as per Cisco Standard?


Would be great to have some feedback - Thanks!

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Re: Rack Layout

There is no Cisco standard in layout of equipment in a cabinet. This is not a beauty contest.

Re: Rack Layout

Right ... thanks for that...


Re: Rack Layout

Hello cknox1,

I've not heard of any Cisco Standard for racking equipment, but there are some familiar terms that provide clues if you're building out more than a few racks.

* ToR Switch = Top of Rack -- Use this switch for connections to all devices within the same rack and possibly the racks to either side.
* EoR Switch = End of Row -- Use this switch to terminate uplink connections from all the ToR switches in the aisle. This can be a distribution layer switch or may be a core layer switch dependent upon how much capacity you need and the size of your installation.

There's another train of thought about locating the EoR Switch in the middle of the row/line-up to minimize long cable runs, but if the connections are optical, there's little difference.

In general, you need to ensure you have adequate room between equipment for proper air flow and cooling.
You generally want to position heavier equipment near the bottom of the rack to avoid a top heavy rack that can tip over.
You may want to consider using patch panels to tie equipment in different racks together, but in today's Ethernet-rich environment, switches take the place of patch panels.

Finally, here's a link to some information as food for thought:
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