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I bought a new rv340 cisco router for my office. I have 10 computers connected to that router, plus printers, scanner and so on. 

In that lan I have a file server (running windows server 2012), on a computer. 

Every computer in the Lan uses the files from the file server.


I want to connect to that file server from my house (I used to do it with Remote Desktop). But i need something more fast and safe. So I started reading about VPN. I have windows 10


That is why i bought the rv340. 

But i dont know and which vpn set up:

Client to site



and so on.


Can anyone tell me which one is the best (and easy) for my case. I only need to access the file server.


Sorry for my bad english.....



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I will try PPTP server


But i have on more question.

I dont have an static ip on the public WAN IP. Instead, i use dyndns to access video cameras. 

My question is: 

Can i have an issue with the ports that use the cameras and the vpn? Or are differents thing?


Thank you again



They are different, make sure you able to reach VPN Server that RV 340 to get connect PPTP.  - Now sure how your Cameras connecting, Hope that is simple NAT to outside you have Port-forward back to the network, same way PPTP required to port-forward for the PPTP works.


take backup of config, do 1 steps at a time to test, so even it anything breaks you can revert back to known good config.





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