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Restore vlan.dat file on switches

Running RME 4.0.3, the config files and the vlan info are stored in 2 seperate files. If ,for example, a C2950 switch dies, it needs to be replaced by a new one. The actual config is no problem, but how do you restore the vlan.dat file ?

I already tried to copy the cfg file from the shadow dir into the new switch using tftp, but the actual vlan.dat and the cfg file in the VLAN dir are not the same !! Are there other places where the vlan.dat info is stored without modification ?

In addition, what if you have a switch wich is server in a vtp domain, and loses it's vlan info, you have the same problem, how do you restore the vlan.dat ?? Many thanks in advance.

Lieven Stubbe

Belgian Railways


Why don't cut-paste all in and output?

Also rather then using cwcli try using a (any) tftpserver to do this.

Push and pull the vlan.dat to a tftpserver and see if this gives the same issue.

I recommend tftpd32 (just google it) because you can put the security to "none" (for the test) and then you can upload any file without creating it.



Thanx for the answer, but the problem remains, if I do a cut/paste using tftp (like we did before) everything is fine, but we have 2600 devices, so doing it manually is virtually impossible ;-))

with cwcli, when doing a get/put on a test device, everything ends succesfull, but after reload the message mensioned above is logged.

cw alters the vlan.dat and writes the altered version back to the switch, is this normal ?

This is not normal. Do make sure you have the latest device packages for the devices involved.

If you have established that there is a difference between copying the vlan.dat to and from a particular device using tftp and using cwcli then you best open a ticket with cisco TAC to get a fix.