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RME 3.5 - Check Device Attributes doesn't work with SSH devices

When 'Check Device Attributes' is run on any SSH enabled device, the 'Check Device Attributes' window incorrectly displays the TACACS and TACACS enable attributes as 'failed.'

Some points:

1) Server Config>About Server>Applications and Versions  --- output attached.

2) This is a CatOS only environment, symptoms seen with these devices - don't know if it'd be same with IOS devices.

3)Screenshot of "Check Device Attributes" - attached.

4) When SSH disabled and access is via Telnet, the problem doesn't occur.

Any ideas why we are seeing the failed status with only SSH?


Bug id CSCdz44557, fixed in RME 4.0

upgrading to RME 4.0 is a big jump for the customer since they will have to upgrade their LMS version too, which will have to go through procuduction testing first - which could take a while.

Do you know of any patch/fix available to eliminate this bug within RME 3.5?

There is no fix / patch in RME 3.5

I strongly think that Cisco is not getting right...

If Cisco sell a product WITH a functionality that does not work... they should fix it.

The solution to migrate to a higher level with a very important cost, does not feel like they think in the customer.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The funcionality was never there to begin with RME < 4.0. We only had SSH support for config management (and even then, it was SSHv1 only). LMS 2.2 is over three years old, and needed backend functional changes to add support for newer security features such as system-wide SSH and SNMPv3.

The main reason we called LMS 2.5, "2.5" instead of 3.0 as so that we could offer free upgrades to those with LMS 2.2 support contracts. If you are entitled to such an update, you can go to , put in your contract number, and order the CDs right there.