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RME 3.5: WS-6506-E cannot be removed from Out of Sync Report

Hi all

I'm seeing a problem with the RME > Configuration Management > Startup/Running Out of Sync Report

We have a 6506 running s72033-jk9sv-mz.122-18.SXD5.bin

If I look in the startup configuration on the device for all entries matching the string <bridge>, I see the following lines:

#bridge irb

# bridge-group 1

# bridge-group 1

However, if I do the same search on the running configuration, I see the following:

#bridge irb

# bridge-group 1

# bridge-group 1

# bridge-group 1 spanning-disabled

We have copied the running config to startup but this does not remove the discrepancy. As a result, we cannot remove this devices from the Out of Sync Report

Has anyone seen this before and found a workaround ?

Many thanks in advance for any help

Kind regards



Re: RME 3.5: WS-6506-E cannot be removed from Out of Sync Report

If this is LMS 2.2, I find there's been a behavior change in how RME 3.5 timestamps configs after IDU 8.0. Startup configs now always get a new timestamp in Out-of Sync report, whenever CiscoWorks polls the device successfully for Startup config, *regardless* of whether there's an actual change in the device's Startup config. Running configs' timestamps in CiscoWorks stay true to the "show run" timestamps on the devices, so the Running Config timestamps will get updated in the Config Out-of-Sync Report *only if* CiscoWorks detects an actual change in the device's Running config. So you end up seeing Startup config timestamps siginificantly newer than Running configs' in Out of Sync reports, which startles most people.

To fix the Out of Sync report, first do "copy run start" on the device, of course. Then force an immediate retrieval of Startup config: RME -> Configuration Management -> (select any menulet that brings up device Startup and Running configs) -> click on the 'Startup' hyperlink.

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