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RME 4.3.1 config compare problem

Mason Tu


I am using LMS 3.2 with RME 4.3.1

And I use config compare function in RME to compare two versions of one device.

When I try to show diff only of two different versions.(You may see the result in attached file)

There is the same line marked as blue(ex:permit IP any)

Maybe because this line has been deleted and added before.( I am not sure because these lines were modified by QPM )

But in my opinion, this line should be marked as black since the line is exact the same in both versions.

Is this a bug of RME or it's a normal result?

Thanks for any response.

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This looks okay as ACLs are order-sensitive.  Just because an ACE is present in two ACLs does not mean the meaning of the ACE is the same in both.  RME's config comparison is context-sensitive, so it is telling you that the meaning of these two ACEs is different.

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