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RME baseline templates

I have switches and routers.

Im trying to manadge them from rme 4.2.

I would like to run comand in global mode:

ntp server

but only on the devices, which dont have already running:

sntp server

my template is:

Name: DefaultPreReq     SubMode: No      isPrerequisite: Yes
Ordered : No     Prerequisite-Commandset : none     Parent: none
  -   sntp   server  [#.*#]

Name: Commands     SubMode: No      isPrerequisite: No
Ordered : No     Prerequisite-Commandset : DefaultPreReq     Parent: none
  +   ntp   server

Pleas help...

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Re: RME baseline templates

it does not work.

the comand do not run on selected devices...

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Re: RME baseline templates

You are seeing my bug CSCsv25190.  This bug is fixed in RME 4.3 (LMS 3.2), and a patch for RME 4.2 is available from TAC.  Essentially, negative prerequisites do not work.

Re: RME baseline templates

As I understand:

on RME 4.2 negative prprerequisites do not work.

on RME 4.3 negative prprerequisites work.

And to fiix the problem, I should use patch 4.3?

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Re: RME baseline templates

The recommended fix is to upgrade to LMS 3.2 which includes RME 4.3.

Re: RME baseline templates

Thank you for help!!!

Last Q-tion is:

If i have licens for LMS3.1      300 devices.

Should I buy new licens to instal LMS 3.2???

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Re: RME baseline templates

You do not need a new license for LMS 3.2.  Your existing LMS 3.1 license will work just fine.


Re: RME baseline templates

Good Day!

Were from I can download LMS 3.2 ???

I have used "search", but coulden"t get the correct result.

Pleas, recomend me link to download:)

Rising star

Re: RME baseline templates

Go to

The evaluation package is in fact a full install but with an evaluation license.

Your current license will overide that.




Re: RME baseline templates

Fank you so much)

I am, already downloading LMS 3.2

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