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RME out of SYNC

Looking for info on how to troubleshoot why RME is out of sync. Auto-sync DCR>RME is on. This was working but stopped for no reason I can attribute it to.

Device Counts

CS - 941

Campus - 853

RME - 575

Bundles Installed

Bundle Name Version Install Date

1. LMS 2.5 02 Nov 2005

Products Installed

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Product Name Version With Patch Level Installed Date

1. CiscoWorks Common Services 3.0.3 16 Dec 2005, 15:28:56 PST

2. Campus Manager 4.0.3 16 Dec 2005, 15:28:56 PST

3. CiscoView 6.1.2 16 Dec 2005, 15:28:57 PST

4. Device Fault Manager 2.0.3 16 Dec 2005, 15:28:59 PST

5. Integration Utility 1.6.0 02 Nov 2005, 16:09:29 PST

6. Resource Manager Essentials 4.0.3 16 Dec 2005, 15:29:00 PST

Cisco Employee

Re: RME out of SYNC

Could be a few different reasons...

I'd trust Common Services (CS) for the raw count because everything is dependent on CS. Campus devices might be lower to unsupported devices...Or maybe you had Layer-2 adjacencies that CDP discovered, but no Layer-3 (eg. no SNMP reachability)...

RME could be lower for unsupported devices.

You'll need to click the device lists and compare to see if there is a common thread, but a credential check might be one of the first things to do.

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