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Separate pc on same network?


Hi, i want to know if it's possible to configure your network separating pc's from each other to avoid problems...


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If you can tell us more on your network, it would be useful to tell you more details, in general we can separate PCs using VLANs on L2 switches or we can use routers, if you tell us more about your network we can help you decide the best solution, and also can you tell us about the type of problems you are trying to avoid.

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Mohammed Mahmoud.

Ok, the situation is this: I've been planning to install a Cisco Aironet AP to build a wifi. The problem i'm trying to avoid is the computers visibilities from each other. The thing is that this will be a public network so I have to protect (in a reacheable level) each pc on that network.

This netwok will not have internet access and it will be build for intranet use only but public.

Tell me if you want to know something else. As you see I have an amateur network knownledge.

Sorry about my english.



You are very welcomed :)

Generally, since wireless networks exchange data through a broadcast of RF signals through air. Because of the broadcast nature that WLANs use, there is a greater threat of hackers or intruders who can access or corrupt the data this is the greatest threat on WLANs. In order to alleviate this problem, WLANs needs:

1. User authentication to prevent unauthorized access to network resources.

2. Data privacy to protect the integrity and privacy of transmitted data.

Please do check the following documents;

I hope that i've been informative.

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Mohammed Mahmoud.

the post is very informative, but what I specifically need to know is about the computers, they cannot have any relations when they are connected to the network (seeing shared folders, ping, map, etc...). I want to know which type of implementation I need to use in order to achieve that.


-Computers connected to same network.

-Do not share anything between them.

Maybe I'm consulting on the wrong section of the forum...



You can go for the "Wireless - Mobility Forum" for more details on wireless issues:


Mohammed Mahmoud.

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