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SF300-24 as an access layer switch


Hello there.

I am facing issue configuring sf300-24 switch in LAN as an access switch for users.

I have a Mikrotik router as DHCP and NATing device in my LAN. All LAN users get the DHCP released IP and access to internet while connected through other access layer switches but not those behind the SF300-24 switch. I have reset it but it did not work out either. Kindly guide where is the fault?

Somebody please also inform whether i can get to the GUI of 2960-x series for initial configuration. if Yes what is the method?

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 - If the DHCP server is not directly layer 2 connected , then you may need to configure dhcp relay


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Do I need to work with both the options or let alone DHCP relay configuration is sufficient? Also to mention here that some setting is missing like in IP Configuration > DHCP > Interface Settings after opening Add DHCP Snooping VLAN window the DHCP relay option is missing. 

Georg Pauwen
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just to be sure, is the switch in layer 2 mode ?

--> set system mode switch

Thanks but the set system mode switch option isn't listed there.


you mean you cannot issue that command from the command line ?

Actually I access the switch using GUI mode not command line. In GUI that particular option is not present.

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