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SNMP cutdown excluded

Eric Hansen


I am working on a bias current sensor problem with ten gig interfaces and values that currently have N/A values according to "sh interfaces te1/5/4 transceiver detail", for example threshold values for transceiver curent.

I am using solarwinds eng toolset snmp view, and when I view one of these N/A values I am getting a value of **unsupported OID**.  So I am curious if i "cutdown" this OID(snmp-server view cutdown OID excluded) but then if I hit that OID again specifically what can I expect any given SNMP tool to return as a value?  Should I expect the same result as if the value was N/A?  Or possibly some type of error?


we have solarwinds orion as our NMS, they released version 10.4 which monitors hardware health.  Its throwing errors on all our ten gigs for bias current sensor as being in a warning state, but it seems to be happening on values where the thresholds are set to N/A and only on ten gig interfaces.  working with support and they suggested a cutdown, but it seems like the solarwinds app is hitting the OID specifically which seems to make it pointless to issue a cutdown.  So i am looking to tell if i am hitting a N/A value or am I getting a value from a item that has been cutdown, how to tell the difference rather than trusting the command.  Id like to prove to myself i am getting one or the other.



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Hey Eric,

Is it possible to view the config of the device returning the N/A value?  If it is employing cutdown it will be present in the config.

Knowing the IOS version would be helpful as well.  There may already be information regarding your issue in the release notes.

Use of SNMP views

Access to MIB tables or objects can be optimized with the use of  appropriate SNMP view configurations. This is useful when an OSS makes  frequent retrieval of very large tables and there is no direct control  on it. To achieve this, an SNMP view has to be configured by excluding  respective MIB sub-trees and attaching this view to the SNMP community  name or group name being used. This approach can also be applied in  cases where certain MIB implementations being polled have to be  prevented (for example, very slow response or impacting the performance  of other MIBs). The following shows a view configuration and associated  community configuration which prevents IP-FORWARDMIB (ipCidrRouteTable)  and IP-MIB (ipNetToMediaTable) being polled. SNMP query made with  community string "mycom" will not access these two tables.

snmp-server view cutdown excluded 

snmp-server view cutdown excluded

snmp-server community mycom view cutdown

Cut down views can also be created by excluding everything and including only what is required by OSSs.