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snmp-server tftp-server command no longer available in IOS XE 16.9

We use command snmp-server tftp-server to define the tftp server allowed to access our routers. Appears that in IOS XE 16.9, this command is no longer available and must be replaced by command snmp-server file-transfer access-group xx protocol tftp. When you configure a router using a script, you have to check the log to see that the old command, still available in IOS XE 16.6, must be replace. At least, Cisco should have indicated this new behaviour. I don't see anything on this subject when lokking at the release note of 16.9. It would be great from Cisco to indicate when there is a change in the CLI command. I has the same trouble with no ip domain lookup command in IOS 16.9.4. Is there a link to indicate the CLI changement other than Relase Note as it appears not done in the Release Note section?


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