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SNMP trap status

Good afternoon.

Can someone explain to me the point about the status of SNMP traps.

We use WhatsUP Gold NMS, and NMS that are not shown, some interfaces of the device being added.
On the device itself, when checking SNMP traps, we observe the following situation.


SU-AS5350XM-ATK6#show controllers E1 | i up
E1 3/0 is up.
E1 3/1 is up.
E1 3/2 is up.
E1 3/3 is up.
E1 3/4 is up.
E1 3/5 is up.
E1 3/6 is up.
SU-AS5350XM-ATK6#show snmp mib ifmib ifindex det
Description                     ifIndex  Active  Persistent

GigabitEthernet0/0               2      yes      enabled
Loopback0                        19     yes      enabled
Null0                            7      yes      enabled
Serial0/0                        4      yes      enabled
VoIP-Null0                       6      yes      enabled
GigabitEthernet0/1               3      yes      enabled
Serial0/1                        5      yes      enabled
Serial3/0                        1      yes      enabled
Serial3/0:0                      16     no       enabled
Serial3/2:0                      20     no       enabled
E1 3/0                           8      no       enabled
E1 3/1                           9      no       enabled
Serial3/4:0                      17     no       enabled
E1 3/2                           10     no       enabled
Serial3/6:0                      18     no       enabled
E1 3/3                           11     no       enabled
E1 3/4                           12     no       enabled
E1 3/5                           13     no       enabled
E1 3/6                           14     no       enabled
E1 3/7                           15     yes      enabled


Why is the interface is UP but status ACTIVE is NO???

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Re: SNMP trap status


 - I am not sure  SNMP TRAPS are related to you questions; traps are informational messages send to a trap receiver upon certain conditions. In your case, the not active might indicate that there's currently no traffic on the  designated port.



Re: SNMP trap status

According to the description of the team from the site Cisco - YES means that interface is active.

From my output interface E1 3/7 is DOWN but status is ACTIVE.

Interface(controller) E1 3/6 is UP and worked but status in NOT ACTIVE. How can i activate this interface?

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