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SNMv3 Issue

Waleed Khan

Dear All,


i am using Prime, SNMP v3 working OK,  debugs for it is below

Sep  9 06:08:51.934: SNMP: Packet received via UDP from on Vlan194
Sep  9 06:08:51.935: SNMP: Get request, reqid 2110959961, errstat 0, erridx 0 
 sysUpTime.0 = NULL TYPE/VALUE
Sep  9 06:08:51.936: 
Incoming SNMP packet
Sep  9 06:08:51.936: v3 packet  security model: v3       security level: priv


but when I am using Ipatch server I am getting only this debugs log


Sep  9 06:08:25.665: SNMP: Packet received via UDP from on Vlan194



Prime IP:

Ipatch Server IP:


Although on Ipatch server SNMPv2 working perfactly. AnyIdea where the problem exist ?


- Waleed

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Jason Davis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Waleed, we'll need more information about your problem.

I am not sure what 'Ipatch' is.  I don't recognize it as a Cisco network management product and google searching doesn't come up with network management tool references.


SNMPv3 is a bit more complicated than SNMPv1 or 2c.  It appears from the partial debug that you're doing SNMPv3 with authPriv (authentication AND encryption).  However, I can't tell if you're doing MD5 or SHA authentication.  Nor can I tell what type of encryption.

It sounds like you need to do more configuration on your 'Ipatch server' to make SNMPv3 work for it, because it seems properly configured between the Prime server and the managed device.


Which Prime product are you using?  Prime Infrastructure?  What version?


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