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Status of devices in Topology Services not accurate

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I noticed that when one of the devices being monitored in Cisco Prime 4.2 went down, it did not appear as "red" immediately on the Topology Services map. It appeared s red maybe after 30 mins or so. Can you help me adjust this?

Thanks in advance.

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

The topology services map is not designed to display real time status.

By default, LMS polls the entire network every 4 hours (in LMS 4.2, used to be every 2 hours) and updates the topology display based on that. You can add a subset of you devices in the Critical Device poller for more frequent checks but it is resource-intensive and not recommended for more than about 30 devices in total. (Reference)

The Fault and Event viewers can also be used for better visibility of device faults.

Hi Marvin,

Thank you for this information. Does it mean that Topology Services map is not reliable when it comes to device status on the network?

You're welcome.

It is reliable as of the last poll. It is, by design, not up to the minute.

Hi Marvin,

Our client is expecting a realtime monitoring of devices in Topology Services but since you said that is not up to the minute, can you somehow share a document from Cisco stating this?

Thanks in advance.

The link I referenced in my 16 August 1155 am postng is to the Adminstriation Guide. Note there in Table 6-3 it describes the default and critical deivce polling frequency I mentioned.

(click below to enlarge)