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tcl and cron with SIP and PSTN trunks


I have an ISR gateway that is being configured as a go-between for a third party IVR connected via SIP trunk and the PSTN via PRI trunk.  Our Cisco rep promised that I could write a script that would force busy signals given how many sip call connections are tied into or gateway.  Is there anyone out there that has done something similar to this?  I have not worked with tcl and am trying to learn / tweak scripts I have found but am not having much luck.

To be more specific, each day has a different number of connections available to the IVR per number called.  As an example, Monday if the dnis is 555-444-1000, then I need to check that I do not have more than 100 calls to the sip trunk, and if I do, I am not to route the call to it, but deliver a busy signal to the PSTN.  Then with another dnis of 555-444-2000, I would check for 5 calls before using the same logic, and one more dnis checking for 15 calls.  I know what to run to get CLID, and how to force a busy signal, but not how to automate it.

Any help would be appreciated.  I understand that this is in the Network Management area, but I understand that this is where I can find some real tcl talent.


Nick Pappas

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