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TFTP server on LMS 3.2

Hi all,

I am facing a problem with TFTP server of LMS 3.2. While I'm performing sync-archive (under RME), .cofig files are being generated under TFTPboot directory, for almost every device, but they are all empty files (0 KB in size). While trying to manually copying config from devices to LMS TFTP server, everything is OK. Any suggestions?



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Cisco Employee

TFTP server on LMS 3.2

Hi Enea,

Can you confirm full permission rights to the directory and check.


K. Lakshmi Ganesh

Cisco Employee

TFTP server on LMS 3.2

Hi Enea,

Some additional things which you may try.

I find the following user guide, I thought you might want to have it just in case:

It could also be that TFTP is blocked in your server, please check if your TFTP port (23) is open in your server (sometimes the Antivirus
could block this). Also check the TFTP service too:-

Go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services

The process "CWCS tftp service" needs to be in "Auto" and also started.

Also, when you created the blank file, did you specified the exact same name? Same extension? When you copy the file to the tftp folder please right
click on it and make sure that casuser has the proper permissions over the file.

If you are sure that you created the file with the correct name and it has the proper permissions then please get me packet capture when trying to do
the transfer, but most likely it would be a firewall blocking the necessary ports.

Also i suspect one more thing here.

The problem may be that when creating the file in the tftpboot folder, Windows may be leaving the file in different/unexpected format.

- Go to the tftpboot folder
- Please click Tools and then click Folder Options.
- Click the View tab.
- Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
- Click OK to save your changes.

Then try creating the file again and check.

K. Lakshmi Ganesh

TFTP server on LMS 3.2

Hi Ganesh,

1. CWCS tftp service, is started on our server and also is in automatic mode

2. the format of files saved under TFTPboot is .cfg

3. Firewall is turned off

4. Manually copying from routers: copy startup-config tftp:, works fine if first we create an empty .cfg file on TFTPboot folder

The problem is that when we perform:

RME > Config Mgmt > Sync Archive

, some .cfg files are not saved at all, and some others are saved as empty files (0 KB), under TFTPboot folder

Thank you for your feedback

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