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Joris Deprouw

Topology Services - LMS 4.0

Hi all,

When I open the topology services of my LMS, I see an overview of my network layout. In LMS I can choose several layout templates "Circular, Hierarchical, Symmetric, Orthogonal.

When I choose to do my own network layout, I can move the devices to another place on the layout map. But the links between the devices are not moved. This results in links going all over the place. It's a real mess.

Is there a way to straighten the links up?


Best Regards,


Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

You can delete the links an perform a data collection on the devices from which you deleted the links, to make the links re-appear as a straight line.

I prefer to start the topology customisation from layout that does not have any bent lines (Circular or Symmetric).




I'll give it a try...



Thank you for the post Michel.  Have you or anyone found any issues with user or folder permissions that prevent the bent or crooked links from returning? I can delete the bent links from my Topology map, but they may reappear, even between new devices.

No, I never had any issues like that.

Did any of the file/directory permissions on the server change?

You can always run a resetcasuser.exe from CSCOpx\setup\support\ and make sure the CSCOpx directory and all files and directories below are owned by casuser.

Every LMS user has their own folder with topo maps on the server. Did you copy some from one user to another?



Hello, I did check the permissions on the CSCOpx folder and 'causer' has "Full control" permissions, and I don't mess with folder permissions or other settings. When someone else on our team has a decent looking map with no or minimal bent links, we sometimes copy their Layer~2~View.xml file to the other user directories. This works sometimes, but we eventually get a map with numerous bent links between devices.

Cisco TAC was recently working on my workstation, looking at my map, clearing my Java cache, relaunching the map, increasing or decreasing my Java cache, relaunch map, over and over again. No answers yet though, but will update this post when I know more.

To me these bent lines are caused by the way the map is re-layout.

In a map I re-layout using the 'circular' option I don't have this type of issue.

Indeed copying the xml from one user directory to another should work fine to share maps.

The only problem is that the map contains device ID's that will change when a device is deleted and re-added, making the device reappear somewhere on the map.

Depending on the relayout 'mode' the link may then pas over other devices or bent arround.



John LaFrance

I am adding more tags to this post so that it is easier to find. Thanks.

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