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Traffic Management on 7204VXR


I'm a new OLO operator.

I have an RBE network environment with a 7204 VXR router as a broadband aggregator device.

The 7204 is connected to ATM network of the incumbent operator of my country.

My subscriber uses RFC1483 devices and receives IPv4/IPv6 addresses, using DHCP option 82, from an external DHCP server connected to 7204VXR.

The 7204 has a different subinterface ATM for each PVC connection. As usual the VCs shared the same bandwith of a Virtual Path (VP).

At the moment I need to control the bandwith used by each subscriber (VC) in order to avoid possible greedy behaviours.

I have tried to use the rate-limit command in the subinterface with poor results.

I'm looking for a dynamic way to reduce the bandwith of a greedy customer in steps-like way.

For example:

The subscribers share a VP (bandwith of 10 Mbps simmetric). Each subscriber connects to the access network in ADSL tecnology (D: 7Mbps U: 512kbps with an MCR of 32kbps) and his respective VC are routed by ATM switch to my 7204 aggregator router.

At the beginning a customer can use all of the 7Mbps, but if he continues to use all the bandwith, the 7204 starts a policy to decrease the customer's speed. So the bandwith decreases to 6Mbps, then if the greedy behaviour continues the bandwith should be decreased again to 4Mbps and so on.. until the bandwith reaches the MCR (Minum Cell Rate) value of 32kbps.

If the customer stops his greedy behaviour the bandwith will increase to his original value.

Which tecnology, device, theory should I buy/configure/implement in order to achieve this result?

Thanks a lot for your replies.


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