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Trying to connect to a VM on a Cisco UCS 5108 from a UCS 6248


I am trying to connect a laptop to a trunk port in VLAN 30 on a Cisco UCS 6248 UP, the 6248 is trunked down on VLAN 30 (30.x.x.x network) to a UCS 5108. Also, this trunk link is described as using "vNIC eth 1". On the 5108, a few VM's exist in the 30.X.X.X network that need to be ACAS scanned. I cannot scan these devices or even ping them for that matter, presumably because they are in an internal network via the vNIC? I am in a new environment and learning, so anyone who can educate me on the relationship between a vNIC and NIC address would be greatly appreciated!


The way I understand it is that a NIC address is one that would exist on a workstation or server physically, while a vNIC is a software based NIC that can be added/modified on the server as needed per requirements. Asking questions to get more information would be extremely helpful to me. Also, if you can ping an address relating to a loopback, int vlan, interface, or do you go about pinging the vNIC or seeing the vNIC talking to the rest of the server itself? I could be thinking about it wrong, or asking the wrong questions. Thanks for your help!


Here is the connection:

Cisco UCS 5108 (Where VM's are housed in the 30 network in VLAN 30)>>>>>Cisco UCS 6248UP (Port 8 trunk w/ VLAN 30)>>>>>>Laptop

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