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Unable to upgrade remote 2950s via CNA

I have a number of 2950s on a remote site I am trying to upgrade via CNA - the .tar file is on a TFTP server at the remote site, and CNA is running on a PC at the local site, with a VPN connection between the two sites

2950+----<--VPN-->Local CNA PC




The TFTP server is on the same subnet as the VLAN interface on the 2950.

However, when I try to use CNA to perform the upgrade, the upgrade fails, with the following messages in the status window:

Uploading the image

Extracting the info file from the image

Connection reset

Software upgrade failed

I have run a packet capture on the remote network and there is no TFTP traffic between the switch and the TFTP server. Does CNA support upgrades in this environment? I can access the image on the TFTP server via command line on the remote switch, but as I have a large number of switches across multiple sites, I was hoping to use CNA to ease the upgrade process as far as possible.

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Re: Unable to upgrade remote 2950s via CNA

You cannot get a image from TFTP to switch using CNA.

You can upgrade switch software by using Network Assistant in two ways:

Drag and drop a software-image file from your PC, mapped drive, or network drive to a device icon in the Topology view.

Select Maintenance > Software Upgrade from the feature bar.


Re: Unable to upgrade remote 2950s via CNA

There is a 'details' button that may provide more information on what's going wrong. I had some 2950s that failed upgrades, it turned out to be a lack of memory ... deleting the old firmware solved the problem. This may or may not be your problem, but in my case the problem became obvious after reading the 'details'.


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