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Using Prime Infrastucture 2.1 to get the DOT1X status of ports

Jesse Derks

Using Prime Infrastructure 2.1 is it possible to generate a report across multiple switches for the ports that are configured to use dot1x and those that are not? The goal of the report is to identify the percentage of ports currently using dot1x vs those that are "open" ports. I'd prefer the ports that "use" dot1x but are authentication open to be included in the group that is not using dot1x, since they really aren't. It would also be nice if trunk ports and those that are administratively down (shutdown) were not counted in either total.

The sample scenario would see 2 switches, find that that 80 of 94 ports have dot1x, and the 10 ports that are trunks or shutdown are not counted.

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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Not really.

You could sort of do that using Prime LMS's "netshow" functions - it allows you to run a show command (or set of show commands) across your network and provides the output in one set of results.

You could also create a compliance job in Prime LMS and use that to tell you which user ports are "compliant" with your desired state of having the "dot1x pae authenticator" command, for example.

Unfortunately Prime Infrastructure is lagging in its ability to do this sort of thing.

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