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vpn user bandwidth monitoring

Hi all,

I try to monitoring our remote access vpn tunells bandwidth per user, with snmp and nagios.

I think we can write a script for this but i don't know how to define automatically the mibs which contains the active tunells index.

     In the cipSecTunnelTable there is all information that i have to know (cipSecTunActivetime, cipSecTunInOctets, cipSecTunOutOctets),

     but i can't query it for one user or tunell because the needed oid ends with the actual tunell index. And this index is not the same all the time for one user. it is dinamically changing if a the tunell for example goes up one time, then goes up in another time. Because of these problems i don't know which oid i have to query.


cipSecTunIndex: . if i want this for one user then i have to query this: .

If i can define indexes (or if i know how to asa give this indexes, which is the first and last value, what happens if asa reload)

then i can query the values of cipSecTunActivetime, cipSecTunInOctets, cipSecTunOutOctets for the wanted tunnel and then,

i can do this: cipSecTunActivetime value conversion to seconds then (cipSecTunInOctets + cipSecTunOutOctets)/cipSecTunActivetime=bandwidth ?

and query the cipSecEndPtRemoteAddr1 which is the vpn user inside ip address so i have the wanted user.


Anybody can help me about this?

or Exist an easier way, software to do this?

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