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What to use to monitor routers

Hello all,

I know I can use LMS to monitor Cisco switches and RWAN used to be for the routers but RWAN has been EOS. What can I used to monitor and manage routers? I need to monitor QoS, CPU utilization, uptime and the usual along with being able to push out new IOS versions as needed and keep running copies of the configs along with when the configs were updated and by whom as well as keeping past revisions of configs.

Thanks to all.

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Cisco Employee

Re: What to use to monitor routers

The unique components of RWAN (which, as a bundle stopped availability in Nov 2004) are ACL Manager (ACLM) and Internetwork Performance Monitor (IPM). IPM went to the LMS 2.5 bundle (Feb 2005). ACLM is being absorbed by Cisco Security Manager (CSM) and CiscoWorks VPN Management Solution (VMS), although you still can get ACLM stand-alone if you need it (please get with your field sales SE).

You're asking for several management functions that aren't addressed in just one package.

You could use CiscoWorks Qos Policy Manager (QPM) to configure and monitor QoS policies.

CPU utilization and uptime would be a standard performance monitoring suite - HP Openview Network Node Manager, Concord, InfoVista, Cricket, Cacti, MRTG/RRDTool, etc, etc. Lots of choices in the performance monitoring space. CiscoWorks has the CiscoView application that provides a GUI of a chassis and that can be used for real-time monitoring of key performance metrics like CPU, memory, interface utilization...even temperature for devices that support environmental monitoring. However, CiscoView is NOT storing these metrics for long-term analysis/review/trending. That's why something like Concord/Infovista,etc,etc is necessary.

CiscoWorks LMS 2.5 with the RME 4.0 application suite would be able to push configs and software images. It will also audit network changes - if you point your Syslog event messages at the CiscoWorks RME server, then it can get those config, software image and inventory changes (module insert/removal) in near real-time.

RME can also keep past revisions/history of configs.


Re: What to use to monitor routers

Thanks JAson. How about if all I am concerned with is IP Communications? Does CiscoWorks IP Communications Operations Manager 1.0 get the job done without having to deploy CiscoWorks IP Communications Service Monitor 1.0? What I am concerned about most is being able to track down quality of service issues over a hub and spoke network. There are some instanses of delay and jitter and "robot voice" from the end-users and I need to be alerted when these issues occur.

Thanks again!

Cisco Employee

Re: What to use to monitor routers

CW-IPCOM depends a lot on Cisco IOS IP SLAs (formerly Service Assurance Agent/SAA, formerly Response Time Reporter/RTR) to do diagnostics and reporting. It might be easier for you if I share the IP COM "About" info:

The IP SLA-based solutions use synthetic transactions that aren't real, but can be done over-and-over.

The CW-IPSM solution has a hardware component that acts as a VoIP call sniffer and makes IPT quality determinations based on ACTUAL calls.


Re: What to use to monitor routers

Thanks again Jason!

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