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Why is LMS 3.0.1 Ciscoview not doing copy run start after GUI change ?

When we change a port description or VLAN on a 2950 switch the change occurs in the running config but no copy run start occurs to save it to the startup config. This then shows up in RME as an unsync'd device.

How do you get Ciscoview to update the startup config after changes are made ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You can't. You'd have to sync the running to startup using, for example, RME's Netconfig.

It sounds like we'd need to create a special job that runs every 15 minutes or so to make sure that any changes made by our operators using the Ciscoview GUI are saved to the device's startup config, otherwise if power was lost to the device, those changes would be lost.

Was the Ciscoview product always like this in previous versions of the product ? (i.e. GUI changes were never written to startup)

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

CiscoView has always been an ad hoc tool mainly geared towards real-time monitoring. Yes, you could create a periodic Netconfig job that would save config changes to NVRAM.

this is an old problem and most users of CiscoView are not aware of this situation. What is also confusing is that the old CMS (Cluster Management Suite) which was called when you choose to configure a 2900XL/3500XL switch introduced a menue to do a copy running to startup. - It would be good to add this to CiscoView as well as it knows the snmp communities - I don't see a reason why Cisco is not doing this. Even if it is designed as an ad hoc tool - if you can do config changes with it - you should be able to make these changes permanent...

.. you can also have a look at the Out-Of-Sync report - all the devices which have config changes made with CiscoView should be listed there -

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