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wireless 4g to 3g signal reset


I am deploying 4g hwics for remote locations. The 4g hwics work well most of the time.  However I am seeing one issue that i'm hoping can be addressed using a script.  We have 4g hwics that connect to the LTE netwwork.  However at times it drops to the 1xrtt network. Which i expect from time to time.  But what i am noticing is that the hwic doesn't always go back to the LTE network unless the radio or the router is reloaded. So what I would like to do is have a script that checks the status of the radio.  If the hwic is connected to the LTE network then drops to to the 1xrtt network. I'd like the script to shutdown the radio and turn back on.  Hopefully to try to reconnect to the LTE network.



Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

What are the steps to do this manually?  That is, how does one know the radio has dropped to the 1xrtt network?  How does one know it's on the LTE network?

so to see the wireless network you are on from the router cli.   the only way to tell when it drops from the LTE network is to run the command below.

you type

sho %WirelessCardSlot#% radio

show cell 0/0/0 radio

normall it wouls look like when it is on the LTE network.

Radio power mode = ON

Current RSSI = -75 dBm

LTE Technology Preference = AUTO

LTE Technology Selected = LTE             <----- will tell you that your on the LTE network.

What it looks like when it drops off the LTE network.

1xRTT related info


Current RSSI = -0 dBm

HDR (1xEVDO) related info


Current RSSI = -117 dBm

Radio power mode = ON

LTE Technology Preference = AUTO

LTE Technology Selected = eHRPD         <--- on it's on the non evdo network. 

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Okay.  I think this applet should do what you want:

event manager applet watch-lte

event timer watchdog time 60

action 001 cli command "enable"

action 002 cli command "show cell0/0/0 radio"

action 003 regexp "LTE Technology Selected = (LTE|eHRPD)" $_cli_result match tech

action 004 if $_regexp_result eq 1

action 005  if $tech eq "LTE"

action 006   context save key LTECTXT variable tech

action 007   exit 0

action 008  end

action 009 else

action 010  set currtech $tech

action 011  context retrieve key LTECTXT variable tech

action 012  if $tech ne $currtech

action 013   cli command "config t"

action 014   cli command "interface cell0/0/0"

action 015   cli command "shut"

action 016   cli command "no shut"

action 017   cli command "end"

action 018  end

action 019  set tech $currtech

action 020  context save key LTECTXT variable tech

action 021 end

i want to use an applet like this  but for 819 dual sim  router which supports only 3g and 2g (wcdma and gsm )

so when signal goes from wcdma to gsm in the activated sim  it switchs to the other (sim) and test if its signal is wcdma so it can be used instead of the gsm one !

please help me write such an applet

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Please start a new thread for your issue, and include the steps/output one would use to verify the conditions you require manually.


Have you tried the following?

router#cellular 0/0/0 lte technology lte

I haven't tried this myself, but I'm running into a similar problem, except I have less visibility and currently my only way into the router is over the LTE connection.  Thankfully it's temporary.

Joseph Clarke: thanks for a great example of regex use in event manager.  I keep discovering new things I didn't know EEM could do.