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Wrong syntax description for "rttMonGrpScheduleAdminProbes" in CISCO-RTTMON-MIB

Different from the MIB description it is possible to define a range of exactly 2000 probes per group not 200.

(e.g. 300000-3001999). Last but not least it is necessary to have a minimum of 2 probes instead of zero.

Tested with IOS 12.3(14)T7.

rttMonGrpScheduleAdminProbes OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX          DisplayString (SIZE  (0..200))

MAX-ACCESS      read-create

STATUS          current

DESCRIPTION         "A string which holds the different probes which are to be         group scheduled. The probes can be specified in the following         forms.         (a) Individual ID's with comma separated as 23,45,34.         (b) Range form including hyphens with multiple ranges being             separated by a comma as 1-10,12-34.         (c) Mix of the above two forms as 1,2,4-10,12,15,19-25.          Any whitespace in the string is considered an error. Duplicates         and overlapping ranges as an example 1,2,3,2-10 are considered         fine. For a single range like 1-20 the upper value (in this         example 20) must be greater than lower value (1), otherwise it's         treated as an error. The agent will not normalize the list e.g.,         it will not change 1,2,1-10 or even 1,2,3,4,5,6.. to 1-10."     DEFVAL          { "" }      ::= { rttMonGrpScheduleAdminEntry 2 }

Best regards


Cisco Employee

Re: Wrong syntax description for "rttMonGrpScheduleAdminProbes"

The size in this case is the maximum length of the string, not the total number of probes.  As long as you can specify a list of probes that can fit within 200 characters, then you can set this object to that value.  As for the minimum requirement, the default value is the empty string, but if you are going to set it, you need to specify a group (at least two probes).


Re: Wrong syntax description for "rttMonGrpScheduleAdminProbes"

That makes sense.

Joseph, many thanks for clarifying this.



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