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5506 back to the ASA image?

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The road from 5505 to 5506x Sec+ has been frustrating. Bought new, added a license, this it started acting sporadic found out finally it was a chip issue and waited year (under my cost of license and smartnet) to get a working replacement which wasn't coded a Sec+ model, but was told on the back end it was a converted replacement for the serial number provided..

At that point, the new FDM image was out, i converted over got smart license, and its been up and down had to rebuild it once or twice already. Finally get to renew my Smart License, and my reseller was told by Cisco when we were getting pricing, that my unit is a legacy device (noticed this 5506 went straight to EOL after the chip fix almost). Basically they are saying now that Threat services are no longer recommended any more on this platform. Not only did I loose my single seat of VPN from the my ASA's Sec+ license when I converted, now unless than a year after getting my chip replacement model I'm told It's not recommend to run the FDM with the threat license..........

So is it possibly then to roll this back to the ASA image, get back my basic functionally and go pull my secPlus key at least then i would get a VPN single seat back and can use it for that, as I plan on moving to a new hardware model.





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Have a look at the following doc on re-imaging FTD to ASA.




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