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5506x Sec+ Upgrade to FTD or keep ASDM/FP , any comments?

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Level 1

So I got my ASA back from the clock issue, finally now getting around to updating it. ASA 5506x Sec+. I got all the updates done, rommon, asdm, and fp module. Had issue with the update blocking my traffic, working past that.


Before I do anything else, I was debating on moving to FTD image, that is if I can. I do have valid SmartNet, so I should be able to just download it.


Anyone have any suggestions, pros/cons on what you lose to what you gain with the FTD. Appears it more of the direction Cisco is going. Any one upgrade to FTD and go back.


The latest updates, appear a clunky, and I don't like the ASDM using Java. I would be interested in any comments or suggestions. Especially with regards to changes moving, or licensing moving forward and costs associated.

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Most important is to look at the features that are not (yet) supported. For example, are you using AnyConnect-VPN with local authentication? That is not yet available on FTD. But if your ASA should run as a pure Firewall, then changing to FTD could be a good decision.

Thank you, I ended up switching, then ran into the block of having to flip everything to domain based account, what a pain for the SOHO setups that don't even have such, totally alienating a whole market niche. So now I get it going, get some license converted over, but hitting a wall on the AnyConnect RA-VPN issue. So I am being told now,  you can't be single seats or subscriptions of AnyConnect for VPN, you have to buy in PAKs of 25 is that correct do you know? When I bought my unit it was a Sec+ with the higher versions, of VPN connections, and I swore it came with Anyconnect like 4 seats, but I am told those can't be converted, well I was told they can, but you have to deal with licensing directly, and you may not be able to do it with just FTD, have to switch to FMC, which I was told I have access to download, and bring up on ESXi , so that is in the works, but this is a mess if I can't get  single seats of AnyConnect..

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