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Actual Host IP in FMC connection event

  • Hello,


my lan range is and I have a kerio operating as a web proxy which eventually connects to FTD. As it is appear on the photo, when I see the connection events logs, it shows the ip  not the actual LAN ip. What should be done in order to see the actual lan ip instead of kerio’s outside interface ip?

thank you.

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Go to FMC connection events > Table View of Connection Events, and click any of the black x to add a new column, scroll down till you find Original Client IP.

I did what you said but again it shows ip address and not the actual host address.

Looks like your proxy is not configured to send the original client information inside the packets passing through the FTD. I would check if that would be supported on your proxy.

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what you see as outside IP of the proxy is correct, since you proxying the Internal IP address with proxy IP, that is feature of Proxy.


Are you looking proxy send internal IP address to FTD ? you may need to look for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR



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