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Alcides Miguel

After upgrading to ASA9.0 can't save configuration


I've recently upgraded my ASA5520 to asa903-k8 and after a couple of days I can't save configuration while trying to save I receive the fowling error


# wr

Building configuration...

No memory available

Error executing command


and memory stack at

Free memory:          62426808 bytes ( 3%)

Used memory:        2085056840 bytes (97%)

-------------     ------------------

Total memory:       2147483648 bytes (100%)

can someone help me please

Best Regards,


Jouni Forss


Sounds like something that should probably looked through with Cisco TAC

What software level you upgraded from? Was it already a new software level somewhere from 8.3 to 8.4?

What was the memory usage on the previous software level?

Do you have a huge amount of NAT/ACL configurations or is the memory use simply perhaps related to some bug. I couldn't find any open caveats in the Release Notes. Didnt go through the Bug Toolkit though.

I guess changing the software level at the moment might be a bit hard as you can't save the configuration.

I kind of wonder though if loading a different software on the Flash and removing all the other software files would do the trick as then the ASA couldnt boot any of the softwares that are configured with the "boot system flash:/.bin" command and should probably boot any software on the ASA Flash.

Then again that might be risky also.

Though I would still go with the Cisco TAC unless someone can point you to a solution that they have tested.

- Jouni

Hi Jouni,

I'm coming from 8.3 and I don't have a lot of ACL/NAT. in previous version memory utilization was less then 50%.

I think that's a bug or something else. becuse when a reload the appliance it's work great.




I can't tell you what the reason for the problem is but probably some bug. I didn't find anything that would have seemed to me to point to your situation or the software you are using

I guess you could try booting up to 9.0(2)10

Which is the latest 9.0(2) Interim release

The software level 9.0(3) only seems to bring some Call Home features related to Clustering so I am not sure if it brings much to your ASA as it doesnt support Clustering on that model.

- Jouni


kindly post output of dir command.

how about deleting old images to free up flash memory?

Hi John,

I think that the issue is not flash space related because I get high memory utilization.

# dir

Directory of disk0:/

122    -rwx  14240396     08:59:32 May 11 2010  asdm-631.bin

123    -rwx  4181246      01:06:22 Jan 01 2003  securedesktop-asa-

124    -rwx  398305       01:06:36 Jan 01 2003  sslclient-win-

23     drwx  8192         14:53:32 Apr 23 2010  crypto_archive

10     drwx  8192         11:27:34 May 20 2011  log

126    -rwx  15943680     08:57:04 May 11 2010  asa831-k8.bin

127    -rwx  1968         09:04:06 May 11 2010  7_0_8_0_startup_cfg.sav

24     drwx  8192         09:04:08 May 11 2010  coredumpinfo

128    -rwx  1158         09:04:08 May 11 2010  upgrade_startup_errors_201005110804.log

129    drwx  8192         09:38:38 May 13 2010  tmp

130    -rwx  280          12:20:42 May 24 2010  upgrade_startup_errors_201005241120.log

131    -rwx  280          11:04:38 Oct 20 2010  upgrade_startup_errors_201010201004.log

132    -rwx  89           16:57:05 Aug 07 2013  dap.xml

133    drwx  8192         12:59:20 Dec 27 2011  syslog

134    -rwx  29806775     11:33:12 Oct 29 2012  anyconnect-win-3.1.00495-k9.pkg

135    -rwx  27408384     18:17:26 Aug 02 2013  asa903-k8.bin

136    -rwx  18097844     18:18:26 Aug 02 2013  asdm-713.bin

137    -rwx  65980        18:33:34 Aug 02 2013  8_3_1_0_startup_cfg.sav

138    -rwx  1060         18:33:50 Aug 02 2013  upgrade_startup_errors_201308021733.log

255426560 bytes total (144162816 bytes free).



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