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AnyConnect disconnects network connection at when I connect to the client

I just setup a new ASAv in Azure and was testing AnyConnect. I can login find but once the connection is established, it disconnects my network connection. I thought maybe it was just my computer so I had someone else try it and the same thing happened.. Is there something on the ASA that would be causing that to happen?

I have another physical appliance in the office and connected to that one without any issues so I would assume it's something on the ASAv

Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

@jf1134 Do you mean you cannot access your local network? If so then you are probably running a full VPN tunnel to the ASAv in Azure, so you'd not be able to access your local network. If your other VPN allows you to access the local network, then it is probably setup for split-tunnel, tunneling on the defined networks over the VPN.


Here is an example split tunnel configuration if required.



So when I connect to AnyConnect it actually disconnects my network so nothing is accessible anymore until I disconnect the client, the network connection comes back. Like I can't get to the internet or anything.

Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

Yes, because all traffic is probably tunnelled over the VPN to Azure.

I have split tunnel setup so anything that is not defined goes out to

I completely lose my network connection to everything. Meaning the icon in the lower right, turns to the globe looking thing. It would be the same as if I pulled my network cable out.

Marius Gunnerud
VIP Advisor

To tunnel all traffic but still allow access to the local LAN that the PC is connected to you can do this by using the split-tunnel-policy excludespecified command as follows:

access-list Local_LAN_Access standard permit host


group-policy TEST internal

group-policy TEST attributes 

 split-tunnel-policy excludespecified

 split-tunnel-network-list value Local_LAN_Access

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