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Application Filtering for Office365


Hi Team,

What is the best way to allow access to O365 via FTD? Can i use the applications such as office 365 and allow ANY ports will allow access to Office 365 apps? Is it any Security risk? Or any other best way other than this?


Sanjay S

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When allowing access to Office 365 (O365) via Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), it's important to balance security and usability. Allowing any ports for O365 may introduce potential security risks. Instead, it's recommended to use more granular controls to ensure secure access. Here are a few best practices:

  1. Use Application Filtering: FTD supports application-layer filtering, allowing you to define policies based on specific applications. You can create an application filter for Office 365, which will automatically identify and allow the necessary ports and protocols required for O365 services.

  2. Utilize Microsoft's Recommended Network Connectivity Principles: Microsoft provides recommendations for network connectivity to O365, which include allowing access to specific URLs, IP addresses, and ports. You can refer to the official Microsoft documentation for the specific requirements and implement them in your FTD policies.

  3. Enable SSL Decryption: O365 traffic is often encrypted using SSL/TLS. Enabling SSL decryption on your FTD allows you to inspect the encrypted traffic for security purposes, providing visibility into potential threats and allowing you to enforce security policies effectively.

  4. Implement User-Based Policies: Consider implementing user-based policies to control access to O365 based on user identities or groups. This allows you to enforce fine-grained access control and restrict access to O365 services based on user roles and privileges.

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