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ASA 5505 - Host Name Lookup



We have a ASA5505 and its set up with a DHCP server, but we can't resolve host names of internal devices. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get it set up so we can?



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Marvin Rhoads
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The DHCP server on the ASA should also be configured to give the clients a DNS server address for your internal environment.

Has that been done and can you see the clients getting that DNS server address correctly? ("ipconfig /all" from a client command prompt)

Yes, the DHCP is set up with DNS correctly as far as I can tell. All devices that use DHCP get the DNS server details correctly (the DNS Server is an Windows 2012 Machine) and can resolve external host names.

Our setup is currently this.

ASA 5505 is the default gateway, running a DHCP server. We have a DNS server @ (Windows 2012) and the DHCP server has this IP set as DNS Server. It also has 'Update DNS Server' with 'Update both records' and 'Override client' checked. 

Most devices on the network are using DHCP, they get the DNS server and can resolve external host names correctly. A lot of devices do have static IP's and have the same DNS server configured, however no internal host names get resolved.


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