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ASA 5505 ROMMON after erase flash


I was trying to erase some bad test configs on my 5505 with a write erase, but all VLAN and Ethernet configs remained.  I hastily decided to do an erase flash.  No I'm stuck at a ROMMON prompt with no image found to boot I'm hoping I don't have to TFTP a factory image.  How do I find the images on disk0 and copy them?

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THANK YOU!  That finally worked.  Took a little longer than necessary.  You've been very helpful.  We might've avoided some confusion if some of the communication was more descript.  It would've helped to have explanation as to the reasons for each command.  For example, why you instructed me to config-register 0x41 instead of 0x01.  I could've tried that one if there was another option.

Also, do I need to save-config on every reload if changes were made? Is there another place to save config?

Hello Armand,

Correct, working from here without seeing what is actually happening on the other side is kind of difficult

Good to know it is working now

Now, if you need to reboot and you have made changes to the configuration just do a write mem. As we are on the right configuration-register you will boot with the startup-config. So you are good to go!


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Julio Carvajal
Senior Network Security and Core Specialist

How about the licenses ? I got to a similar situation and lost the licenses keys

Hi. Does anyone still answer to this thread?
I have the same problem, but probably need a different solution.
I would like to get help with the steps I need to do in ROMmon mode. 
I have deleted flash memory and the disk0 I think.
ROMmon is the only thing popping up and I have not done a backup of the ios iso file.


I need the document to proceed with the ROMmon procedure for getting the iso file back.
Pretty please.
Is there a way for me to get a hold of an ISO file? I have a Cisco ASA5505 router
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