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ASA 5506-X performance experiences


Hello everyone!

I'm thinking about getting myself a 5506-X for home use. I know it might be overkill to some degree, expensive and so on... and to be honest, it really isn't necessary, but I like to play around and some educational purposes play a part to. So, this is not the kind of discussion I am interested in right now... :-) Just so you know, I am fairly experienced and I think of myself that I know what I am doing ;-)

Anyway, enough with the unnecessary chit-chat... what holds me back right now is my current "unknowing" of what throughput the 5506-X is capable of. I know there is a data sheet with pretty numbers in it, but that's not what I am interested in. I want to know, what numbers I could really expect. Some "real-life" experiences...

I am aware that this heavily depends on what features are activated... so what would the range be, coming from fort knox (everything on) to just waving at passerbys (everything off)? Although it's a little bit expensive (if I am understanding the licensing correctly) I would be playing around with that fancy FirePOWER stuff to some point.

Another question I couldn't quite figure out myself is if the following scenario could be configured on the ASA; say we have a host X. Would it be possible to configure the ASA in a way that host X can load some files over port 80 without being bothered to much? Something like: traffic from host X over port 80 will not be inspected, hence more throughput for host X.

Any input will be appreciated! And of course, I am not expecting too much, since my questions aren't straight yes/no questions.

Be safe and have a nice evening :-)

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