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ASA 5510 6.1 to 8.X via USB port?

Hi Folks,

I've got an unconnected ASA 5510 running IOS 6.1 that I need to upgrade to 8.X (I believe 8.4 is available). The unit is a blank/default configuration and is not on any network so it can't be easily accessed via Ethernet. Is there a method that I can use its onboard USB port (0 or 1) to plugin a USB memory stick with the 8.X...bin file and process the upgrade that way?

If so steps would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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ASA 5510 6.1 to 8.X via USB port?

No, unfortunately the USB port on the ASA is not usable.

Here is the doc to confirm that:

I assume that you currently have it running version 7.1, right?

Pls check if you have the correct memory to run version 8.4.

Here is the memory requirement for your reference:

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ASA 5510 6.1 to 8.X via USB port?

Defaujlt configuration on an ASA runs a DHCP server on the mgmt Ethernet interface. Plug your PC into that and you should get an IP address via DHCP. The ASA itself should be on Log in via cli or ASDM and configure from there.

ASDM is very easy to upgrade ASA and ASDM software as you do not need an ftp server running on your PC. (If you do, you can use Filezilla easily.)

As Jennifer noted, you need to upgrade memory to move an ASA 5510 beyond software 8.2.

In all cases, you must have a support contract to be entitled upgrade. Simply having a copy of the software is not entitlement to install it on any and all ASAs.