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ASA 5516-X upgraded to 6.3.0 Service Unavailable FDM error

This is my first experience with the FTD image and I have just tried to update my ASA5516-X to version 6.3.0. The update appears to have gone fine but I have lost access to the FDM as I get the following error:

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."


I have seen a few posts where people have deleted the manager and re-added it.

configure manager delete

configure manager local


However after doing the above I still experience the same issue both on G1/2 and the management1/1. Multiple restarts have also been carried out


The plan is to eventually manage all of the 5516-X from FMC. I was just going to update them in preparation.


Secondly am I correct in believing that one an ASA is in FMC then you cannot configure it locally, via FDM?.


I have attached the running config for your information.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: ASA 5516-X upgraded to 6.3.0 Service Unavailable FDM error

What IP address do you go to for the FDM? Also, what does your "show network" output look like?


Also, FTD uses the management0 as reference to the management interface (ASA's Management1/1). You should be able to access it using the default if you are plugged into it directly. 


You might have to manually set the management0 interface to do management if this did not happen automatically:

configure network management-interface enable management0