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asa 5540 vpn ip addressing quesiton

Mark Graham

i'd like to change the outside address that my 5540 listens on for our ipsec vpn clients, where exactly do i change this?  perhaps in nat rules (tcp 1000?) we have a /29 and i'd like to replace our pix that is serving as our vpn and would love to reuse that address so there is no config changes.


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Maybe you can ask Cisco CCIE for help. If you don't know much about Cisco ASA 5540 firewall, maybe this can help you.

ok thanks, i'm somewhat familiar with the pix / asa firewalls as i have set ours up and manage it, but i thought this was the best place to put this!  





Rising star
Rising star

Hi mgraham99,


You change the nat rule that associated with particular public address on which that service request come on for protocol 'esp' and 'ah'.


Hope that helps.



Rizwan Rafeek


Rizwan, i actually figured it out today.  


this is how i fixed it. 


re created all VPN rules, new tunnel address range, and shut down the old pix.  right after that i changed the outside global address of the 5540 to the pix global and everything transitioned smoothly! 

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