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John Mayer

ASA 5545 Context Upgrade License

hi everyone

i have two ASA5545-IPS-K9, and use them in Active/Active HA mode

i purchase two "L-ASA-SC-5-10" license to upgrade security context for them, but when i use cisco license site for getting license it gave me the error as below


does anybody know anything for this issue??


Thank you in Advance

John Mayer


Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Guru

The tool is indicating it does not have record of your product serial number having been issued the 5 context license which is a prerequisite for the 5 license upgrade (L-ASA-SC-5-10=).

If you can confirm that the unit whose serial number you provided already has a 5 context license, you can open a TAC case and request licensing support (or send an email to to resolve the issue.

They will likely want a screen shot of the "show activation-key" or "show version" output. If that confirms the existing license, they can override the licensing portal and issue you the correct new activation key.

Hello Marvin

at first thanks for your fast replay

second, if i understand, you mean that before i use this license i should have 5 security context on ASA and after that use this upgrade from 5 to 10.

and the solution is i have to buy "L-ASA-SC-5=" first and then use "L-ASA-SC-5-10" to use 10 security context, or start from scratch and use "L-ASA-SC-10=" instead of using two license???


John Mayer




If you already have the 5 context license then the part number you originally asked about would increase that to 10. If you do not - and you want 10 licenses - then just go with the L-ASA-SC-10= part number.

I'm not sure what site you are asking about in the other post. Are you using the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT)? If so, the 5545-X must be included in the service contract number you entered in the tool's first page.

Dear Marvin

i have another issue on this case, after i use my ASA Serial Number in site, the description told me i have to insert the ASA 5550 as below, did it means that this License is not valid for ASA5545-X???


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