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ASA NATing doesn't seem to work

mazin D

i have ASA 5510 firewall and Fortigate is connected to vlan interface in ASA. I have public IP address NATed (object NAT) to the outside interface of the Fortigate. the NAT doesn't seems to work, I see the traffic hitting the public IP address but not the outside interface of the Fortigate. any suggestions ?

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just re-added the NAT statement at the top of the all NAT rules and its worked.

1 (OUTSIDE) to (any) source static any any destination static Fortigate-IP CD-BFS-NORTHW


thanks all for your help


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could you post your NAT and routing configuration. 


thanks for the reply, please find attached the config, I have changed the original IP addresses.


If the following is correct: * the rules on the outside interface to allow traffic from any to Fortigate-IP on ICMP,http, https

Then this is the issue.  You need to change this access rule to be towards CD-BFS-NORTH.

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Thanks for the reply.

that's why I called my enquiry "ASA NATing doesn't seem to work".

when I change the destination in the rule to CD-BFS-NORTH , the traffic denied by ACL.

I have attached packet tracer for the rules when the destination CD-BFS-NORTH and Fortigate-IP.

my understanding that the ASA should first check the NAT before the interface ACL , but that doesn't seem to happen.

Can someone advise ?



What version of ASA code are you running?

its 9.1(7)13

Is there a reason you are using twice NAT for this? Also, it is always a good practice to specify which interfaces you are NATing between and do not use the any keyword for interface selection.  I would suggest changing the NAT to something like the following (change the interface names if needed):

nat (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) source static CD-BFS-NORTH Fortigate-IP




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Hi Marius,

thanks so much for the reply

there is no particular reason to do the twice NAT , I was just trying everything to make it  work.

the command line you have suggested is already there:

(EPL_VPN) to (OUTSIDE) source static CD-BFS-NORTH Fortigate-IP



Could you post a full running configuration for your ASA (remember to remove any public IPs, usernames and passwords).

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Hi Marius,

thanks for you help so far

this firewall is old one and the configuration file is very big, hiding all the secure info will take long time, I am more than happy to share the config partially, like show run interface , show run nat ..etc.



Without seeing more config it's hard to 100% diagnose but it just looks like you have your NAT commands around the wrong way, because you're stating outside>any and not the other way around. I would suggest removing the twice NAT and just adding a rule for this server such as the one you've already mentioned, assuming that the Fortigate is behind the EVL_VPN interface.


(EPL_VPN) to (OUTSIDE) source static CD-BFS-NORTH Fortigate-IP


Run packet-tracer again and see if this NAT rule is hit. If you want to try it another way try changing your other rule around:


42 (OUTSIDE) to (<ZONE THAT CONTAINS FORTIGATE>) source static any any destination static CD-BFS-NORTH Fortigate-IP no-proxy-arp

Could you please provide the output of the following commands:

show run nat | include CD-BFS-NORTH

show run access-list | include CD-BFS-NORTH  !(If you are using IPs instead of objects replace with IP)


Also, provide a brief description / diagram of your network and where the IPs are located that you are trying to NAT.

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Hi Both,

I have deleted the double Nating , and added CD-BFS-NORTH instead of Fortigate-IP in the rules, the firewall is denying the traffic.

please find attached the commands output and a little diagram


Thanks for your efforts to help 

You still have twice NAT configured...unless this is the one you have removed.

nat (OUTSIDE,any) source static any any destination static Fortigate-IP CD-BFS-NORTH object network CD-BFS-NORTHW

I suggest removing this and replacing it with the command I provided earlier.

nat (EPL_VPN,OUTSIDE) source static CD-BFS-NORTH Fortigate-IP

It is a better practice to NAT from the inside to the outside unless there is a very specific reason for you to NAT from the outside.

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