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ASA5505 Host Count


I have a very small location with a 10-User ASA5505.  They currently have 2PCs, 1 Printer, a VoIP phone, and an Access Point, with the ASA acting as the local site router.  The site works fine, but occasionally they will have a visitor or two that connect their laptops and phones via the Access Point.  I know that my license will only allow up to 10 internal hosts to traverse interfaces, but the question is how do these host counts recycle?  If someone accesses the internet from their laptop then leave for the day, does that "session" eventaully become stale and the decrement the host count?  If so, is there a timer to control such sessions?  I know that the upgrade to 50/Unlimited licenses is relatively cheap, but still would like to understand the underlying host count process, as it will aid in sizing future sites.

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In your scenario, you should be fine with the 10 User license. If I remember right, the host stays active for four hours after the last activity. After that the host doesn't count any more.

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I figured I'd be fine, but is there any hard confirmation of this 4 hour timer.  I cannot find in any Cisco documentation.  Also, is that timer something that can be changed via configuration?  Ideally, I'd like to have the number closer to an hour.

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