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ASA5550 DoSed by fake UDP packets


Our ASA5550 was croaking last night and eventually I figured out it was getting blasted by UDP SIP packets:

                                       From IP             To IP

1186    09:51:09.670894    SIP    Request: REGISTER sip: (wireshark)

These packets were catured in our inside interface, and came in because have SIP open to the world for some bizarre reason. The host did not have a SIP service running on it, I don't know why it was chosen as a target. What was actually killing our ASA was not the packets themselves, but that it was setting up a connection for each incoming packet. Output from "show conn":

UDP out in idle 0:00:05 flags ti
UDP out in idle 0:00:05 flags ti

There were actually many more connections to than to Anyway, we took the host down, cleared the arp table and put in a block for and that took care of it.

What is strange though, is that even though is gone and cleared from the arp table, if a remove the acces-list rule blocking and let it start spewing SIP packets at the now-nonexistent host, it still DoSes the ASA with bogus connections:

UDP out in idle 0:00:19 flags ti
UDP out in idle 0:00:19 flags ti
UDP out in idle 0:00:19 flags ti

There is still no arp entry for and as far as I can tell these connections are "internal" to the ASA.

Is there a way to get the ASA to not attempt to create these connections? So far, I have been unable to capture any packets now that host is gone. Also, I am mystified by what "" (port 0?) could mean.

Thanks in advance,,

-W Sanders

St Marys College of California

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Magnus Mortensen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


     The port 0 connections are created bye the SIP inspection as secondary connections to the initial SIP connection. These connections are usually for some voice traffic and are build with a port of 0 indicating that they are the half-open inspection generated connections. Outside of blocking this traffic (which yout should so if that host has no SIP functionality), there isn't much we can do to prevent this at this time. I would highly suggest opening a Service-request for this one so that we can investigate the issue a bit more thoroughly. Once you open that case, please message me the SR number so I can track it.

- Magnus

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