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ASDM not run automatically and no icon on desktop & windows menu


i have 4 ASAv(ASA1v ASA11v ASA2v ASA22v). When I downloaded and installed ASDM from ASA1v, ASDM did not run automatically and there was no icon on desktop & window menu, but was able to uninstall in Control Panel. When I downloaded and installed ASDM from AS2v, ASDM run automatically with all functions (remote access vpn) on ASA2v, but when I added ASA1v, there was no remote access vpn configuration and only site to site vpn appeared.

Any ideas? what is the root cause? something wrong with ASA1v's ASDM image or windows or JAVA? please help, tks a lot

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There could be several potential causes for the issues you're experiencing with ASDM on ASA1v. Here are a few possible solutions to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Verify ASDM image and version: Ensure that the ASDM image file on ASA1v is not corrupted and that it's a compatible version with your ASA software. You can check the ASDM image file set on your ASA1v using the command "show run | include asdm" and compare it with the working ASA2v.

2. Java version: Make sure you have the correct Java version installed on your system that is compatible with the ASDM version you're using. Update or downgrade Java if necessary based on the requirements of your ASDM version.

3. Firewall settings: Check the firewall settings on ASA1v to ensure the ASDM access is allowed. You can use the command "http [IP_address] [subnet_mask] [interface_name]" to permit ASDM access from a specific IP address or network.

4. Reinstall ASDM: You can try reinstalling ASDM on your system by downloading it from the ASA1v again. Ensure that you're downloading the correct file and that there are no issues during the installation process.

5. Reset ASDM configuration: If none of the above steps work, you can try resetting the ASDM configuration on ASA1v to its default settings. You can do this using the command "configure factory-default".

6. Update ASA and ASDM software: If you're still experiencing issues, consider updating both the ASA and ASDM software to the latest versions, ensuring compatibility between the two.

After trying these troubleshooting steps, if you're still unable to get ASDM working properly with ASA1v, it might be necessary to contact Cisco Support for further assistance.

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