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ASDM "this app can't run on your PC" - Windows 10

I am getting this error when trying to launch ASDM.   New install of Windows 10 Professional.  I have been running this successfully on other Windows 10 PCs.  Has anyone seen this and know the fix?

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Glad it helped you.


Thank You so much. Its working

Hi Surya,

I’m glad you find the information helpful.


EXTREMELY poorly-written installation! It should always say, "Hey, you're missing this Java pre-req." Instead, it just CRAPS OUT and you're left hanging. Same with the initial install, where it has that super-long, stupid path variable that is not compatible - that is, apparently, a super-easy thing to verify; and maybe even have the installation auto-change it to the correct, shorter path. Cisco is "world-class?" So really, Step #2 (or, in truth, Step #1) should be: First, make sure you have a compatible (or the latest) Java JRE? Very frustrating to have to spend wasted time on this, just to get what should be a simple app to work!


This begs the bigger question: Which piece(s) of Java is/are needed? And are they free? If we are a commercial entity, but we aren't "developing customer apps based on Java;" where does that fall in the scheme of things? I read that we can use the OpenSource JDK or related binaries or similar from other 3rd parties that package it? It's very confusing and none of us wants to go afoul of Oracle's licensing agreement. Which version, where, and how do I legally get a version, without having to pay? Note: It seems that, since Cisco ASDM requires Java to run; maybe they should package up and provide a version of it; OR provide a version of ASDM that does not require it and runs strictly via HTML5, for example - thoughts? Answers? Guidance? Below is a blurb:

"Starting with the April 2019 update, Oracle JDK 8 will have commercial use restrictions. Through at least December 2020 the Oracle JDK will remain free for personal desktop use, development, testing, prototyping, demonstrating and for use with certain types of applications. After those dates, users can either go onto a paid support plan or use a Java SE 8 / OpenJDK 8 binary from another provider."

I did a search for windows 10 java download. Downloaded and installed the latest version. Then I maid the path change and ASDM is working fine.


Thanks @r-dobrowolski - but my main point also is "are you a Corporate user?" - in other words, Corp users are supposed to be paying to use Java now. People who are just "home users" (personal, non-business use) can still use it for free. The license documents state that, after December 2020, they (Oracle) are expecting those who use Java and are part of a "business" to start paying the license fees. Again, the documents are very confusing; but, businesses can be charged up to $100,000.00 fine per incident, if they are not abiding by proper software license agreements - this goes for ANY software - not just Java - you even get paid a fee (bounty), if you know of some company illegally using software, and they haven't paid for the proper licensing. So, I hope you see my point. My specific case, and question, are asking about "business users" of Java - do they have to pay, or is it still free? Per their license docs, it is no longer free, but if we use the OpenJDK, then we can avoid having to pay a fee - that's the way I read their agreement. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Good night.

This is because you .exe the wrong way to run the software.
Right-click the ASDM shortcut icon, click Properties, and then type the following command in the appropriate boxes:

C:\Windows\system32\wscript.exe Запуск invisible.vbs.bat

.exe wscript data is stored in the path above.

I think you can start with that, but if it's still useless, reinstall it.