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Auto reboot two week Cisco ASA 5525

Hi Support Cisco I have 1 Cisco ASA 5525-x. I don't understand that after 2 weeks running it will automatically reboot. Meanwhile I did not configure auto reboot. I also check the power is relatively stable without power outage. Please support me to check or hardware log commands for reboot causes. Thanks
Cristian Matei
VIP Collaborator



    Ensure there are no power related issues. Verify the output of "show crashinfo" by using the Traceback Analyzer: 

  Upgrade to a stable version and see how it goes. If still not working, open a TAC case and RMA it.




Cristian Matei.

Hi Cristian, My capture in below Show ASA system diagnostics "Cisco ASA System Diagnostics: TypeError: results.push is not a function" and traceback analyzer "This crash is a match to bug CSCvi16029 - Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance WebVPN Denial of Service Vulnerability" "This crash is a match to bug CSCvp00230 - ASA crashed when customer was authenticating to AnyConnect" Please help advices Attachment files show crashinfo file Thanks



   Upgrade your ASA, look in the software download section for recommended images, even if those are "Interim".



Cristian Matei.

HI Cristain Matei,


Please help me document step by step guide upgrade firmware my firewall ASA 5525-x

All my company activities are through this device. If there is a risk, it will stop.

Recent asa devices often automatically reboot :(



As mentioned on the CLI Analyzer results, your ASA is running a release vulnerable to below defect, and your device is being exploited and experiencing those frequent crashes:


You will likely experience this crash over and over again until you upgrade the ASA code to a fixed release, or should the attackers exploiting this vulnerability stop, which unfortunately less likely will happen considering the incidence of events we have noticed and got reported.


As you are currently running the ASA release 9.8.1, the best candidate for software upgrade is release This will contain the fix for the mentioned defect and all other defects found and fixed so far on this train.


Here is the download link of the image:


Here is the upgrade steps:


I will also need to upgrade the ASDM image, as 9.8.4.x requires ASDM 7.12.1 or higher.


ASA Compatibility matrix:



Hi Paulo de Aguiar
Many Thanks for document step
I'll try upgrade and report results.
Help link download software not contract id cisco :(
Thanks again
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