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I have an issue but I dont think its the asa 5520 or IPS thats causing it. A programmer is trying to use the listed items in the HTML code;Cache-Control  no-cache    Pragma    no-cacheIs there as place in the asa 5520 or IPS that would interfear with...

We have an ASA5510s which has a VPN to a remote client with networks of and (note that these are the actual network IP ranges and not used here to substitute for public IPs).  One of our internal networks is

pootboy69 by Level 1
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Hi,I have to disable the commands below:policy-map type inspect h323 NO parameterspolicy-map type inspect h323 NORAS parameterspolicy-map global_policy class inspection_default  inspect h323 ras NORAS Was told by a consultant to type no before inspec...

mojorizn1 by Level 1
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Hello,I've been working on an asa 5505 config at my office.  Getting ready to test at our client site soon and would like to post the sh run output for the experts to review as I'm new to Cisco products.  The objectives of this firewall are:1. Allow ...

andyhoien by Level 1
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I am trying to find out if anyone has had luck with setting up a DMZ on a ASA 5505 with a basic license. I belive it should be possible to do but have not been able to get an outside connection to work when connecting it through a linksys router acti...

it by Level 1
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Hi,I'm a new user for ASA, anyway by reading cisco document I have done some basic configuration. At this moment my requirement as follows:-1. Access to DMZ server( ( ping & Other service like http etc ) from Inside User VLAN ( 172.16...

sdasgupta by Level 1
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After attempting to install a newer system image, I receive the following output:Launching Bootloader...Default configuration file contains 1 entry.Searching / for images to boot.No images in /Error 15:File not foundUnable to boot an imageI can tftpd...

vanguard1 by Level 1
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I have a Cisco 2106 wireless controller and trying to install a ACS to autheticate wireless users using Active Directory. I have added the wireless controller to the device groups and set the identity store to use Active Directory. To the Access Poli...

matruji by Level 1
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an asa housing a business application server sends out given syslogs quite often.419002: Duplicate TCP SYN from LOCAL: to MILZONE: with different initial sequence numberthis asa is on version 7.0(6) , cisco says it is com...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Howdy IPSers!I am Robert Albach, a new product manager responsible for Cisco's 4200 series IPSs. I would like to invite all interested persons to a brief (@ 30 minute) webinar presentation on Risk Ratings this Thursday October 14th.I hope you can mak...

Hi,I have a some question on Cisco NAC and not sure if it is able to support it:1. Can NAC honor/trust qos packet when it is setup for inband/out of band?2. For creation of lobby admin on management of local guest accounts(using clean access applianc...

I'm running into a issue with traffic. I have a backup location with internet and connected via MPLS. I need traffic to route to the main location. Do I only add default route to the asa to point to the main ASA network?Or do I add a static nat to th...